Foals – “Blue Blood” (Song of the Week 3/11/2014)

homepage_large.abe3b9dbIf you are not familiar with my intense love for Foals, I suggest you go read my Band Appreciation Friday about them, where I go into extreme detail about what it is that separates them from all the rest musically and artistically, and what it is that makes them one of my absolute favorite bands of all time. That being said, I listen to their music on the regular, and their album Holy Fire is always in my car’s CD player. For this week’s chosen song, I bring to you their beautiful, haunting, mesmerizing ballad “Blue Blood” from their sophomore album Total Life Forever. The song opens with a simple, yet dark guitar melody, then singer Yannis Philippakis takes control. His voice is sincere and passionate, and I find that I hang on his every beautifully written word. Yannis is a natural at singing, meaning that his voice is focused- deep and brooding- ,along with the overall nature of the song. Of course, every song that Foals puts out is a perfect melody on it’s own simply because they come from Yannis’s own experiences which often include the negative, dark parts of his life. This only makes the music more real and relatable. “Blue Blood” is no exception. It’s verses are polished and cultivated, then the song takes a new direction in the chorus, where it explodes in poppy riffs and almost falsetto-like vocals. It’s emotional and beautiful, and it continues to be one of my favorite Foals songs ever, which is why it’s song of the week. Enjoy!



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