Passion Pit – “The Reeling”

220px-MannersalbumPassion Pit front man Michael Angelakos is a huge overflowing ball of energy, a lot of which spills into his music. Passion Pit is known exclusively for their careening synth beats and electronic medleys of sound, and they produce songs meant to get your heart racing and body moving. Their music reminds one of all the good times in their life instead of zeroing in on the negative ones, making listening to Passion Pit a sometimes euphoric experience. Their debut album Manners, from which this song, “The Reeling,” is from, was a knockout. It swallowed up the listener in sound and encapsulates everything right with electronic music. Michael Angelakos’s voice is high and breathy, which is a perfect contrast with the deep, almost brooding beats. Manners received numerous positive reviews, and was deemed one of the best albums of its time. “The Reeling” is one of my favorite Passion Pit songs. Passion Pit is even better live and I got to see them last year, which was an incredible, mind blowing experience. Passion Pit’s amazing second album Gossamer is just as good, if not better than the last, and its definitely worth checking out (especially with their popular single “Take A Walk”).




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