Jeremy Messersmith – “Ghost”

murmurscoverIf you’ve ever seen Jeremy Messersmith in person, you might think he’s a bit eccentric, but, even with his extremely thick brimmed and often colored glasses and perfectly (almost too perfectly) sculpted hair, he is still a great musician. His bittersweet lyrics and singing style are the perfect mix in creating amazing indie pop music. His 2010 single “Tatooine,” an adorkable song about the fictional land of Tatooine in the Star Wars series, is an incredibly beautiful song, even though only nerds like me can understand the lyrics. This song, titled “Ghost” appeals to a broader public, with a somewhat optimistic sound with just the right amount of melancholy twang in both his voice and guitar. Overall, I’m excited to listen to Jeremy Messersmith’s debut album, Heart Murmurs, which is out now.




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