City & Colour – “As Much As I Ever Could”

220px-City_and_Colour_-_Bring_Me_Your_Love_(2008)The name City & Colour is a play on the name of Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, who serves as virtually the only member of the band (where he plays guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica, piano, and drums, along with singing). His beautifully written indie folk music is the perfect thing to listen to when you need to unwind after a long week, such as this past one. City & Colour has had four studio albums in the last eight years, which is an impressive feat on it’s own, but when you read the reviews, you can see that they have each contained some sort of special effect that made each of them exceptional on their own. Their latest album, The Hurry and the Harm, came out this past year. Dallas Green’s voice is incredibly calming and his falsetto gives me goosebumps. This song, titled “As Much As I Ever Could,” with it’s repeated choral interludes and soft drum beats, sounds as if it could be performed either in a sold out venue or a tiny, crowded coffeehouse. It’s romantic and soothing, and it really shows off City & Colour’s strong suits. “As Much As I Ever Could” is from City & Colour’s 2008 album, Bring Me Your Love.



P.S. This song, unfortunately, was not found by me, but by one of my best friends. Thanks for the awesome song, J.


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