Mutual Benefit – “Advanced Falconry”

a4241493582_10This song may seem restrained at first, but it’s the type of melody that takes a while to warm up and come alive, almost like a flower slowly and delicately blooming. Jordan Lee of Mutual Benefit sings a sweet, almost saccharine tasting tune about a woman being so wild and free that no one can keep her by their side – that she’s almost like a falcon that cannot be tamed, hence the name of the song. The crescendo of orchestral symphony instruments that builds up gradually throughout the song is a reason to keep listening. “Advanced Falconry” will be the song that I welcome spring with, seeing as though it’s still incredibly cold outside and this song tends to fill me with a warmth of incomparable proportions. This song is from Mutual Benefit’s debut studio album, Love’s Crushing Diamond, which came out in 2013.




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