MØ – “Waste of Time” (Song of the Week 2/25/2014)

moI first heard MØ sometime last year and I was simply entranced by the beat of this song. MØ, also known as Karen Marie Ørsted, is just so different from all the other female musicians these days; she is simply classy and refined in terms of her outward appearance, personality, and most importantly, her music. While she does not have an album out yet (Mythologies to Follow will be out March 10 of this year), she has stunned listeners with singles like “Maiden,” “Pilgrim,” and this amazing song, “Waste of Time.” She has been compared to other electronic pop artists such as Grimes and Twin Shadow, which makes complete sense to me. Her lyrics are amazingly written and her vocal range is outstanding. She sings with such strength and an almost metallic consistency that transcends above other upcoming electronic artists and therefore establishes her stance among them. She has control over her unique sound and stays true to herself, which is really important if you want to be successful as a musician. She seems like such an awesome person to know and I’m glad I found this song. I never get tired of singing it (where is the love we had/love we had/ where is the love we had ooooOo/what a waste of time), which is why it is today’s song of the week. I know that MØ will be successful in 2014.



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