The Neighbourhood – “Female Robbery”

Iloveyou_the_neighbourhood.jpegI’ve been in such an indie/alternative grunge mood lately. I’ve been listening to L.A. noire band The Neighbourhood for the past few days to satisfy that mood, and boy do they not disappoint. Everyone has probably heard of them by know, considering how popular their single “Sweater Weather” has become. Their debut album, I Love You, came out last year and it really exceeded my expectations. Their music is extremely dark, yet intoxicating somehow. The singer, Jesse Rutherford, has a voice that so obviously bares insecurities and pain, but in a beautiful way. The soft strain in some of his vocals adds to the intensity of the lyrics, and it’s almost as if you listen in gorgeous black and white. Among the amazing songs on this album including “Sweater Weather” and “Afraid,” there is one that really caught my ears. “Female Robbery” is included on this list and thus completes The Neighbourhood’s trifecta of songs on this album for me. The three go hand in hand and follow the same direction and beat. The Neighbourhood has attracted my attention and I can’t wait to see what they do next.




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