Queens of the Stone Age – “Go With the Flow” (Song of the Week 2/20/2014)

Queens_of_the_Stone_Age_-_Songs_for_the_DeafEvery Tuesday and Thursday, the Fox and the Sound will showcase one amazing song.

Some days need a bit more motivation than others, a bit more adrenaline. I’ve decided to pick Queens of the Stone Age’s amazing song “Go With the Flow” from their album Songs for the Deaf (2002) for today’s Song of the Week. I like heavy metal, but in very small doses. I love metal bands like System of a Down and Coheed and Cambria just the same as I like alternative and indie bands, and Queens of the Stone age fits in nicely (I told you my music taste was unique, didn’t I?). Songs for the Deaf was really good, and I enjoyed “No One Knows” just as well as “Go With the Flow, but I have a few more memories with the latter. The addictive guitar intro in the beginning along with the unbelievable vocals blow me away every time. Queens of the Stone age recently came out with a new album. Like Clockwork, which has received numerous positive reviews. They played Austin City Limits this past year and while unfortunately I was not able to go (there was another band playing at the same time), I heard it was fantastic. I remember playing this song a million times with my brother on the game Rock Band (yes yes I know I’m a total nerd), so it has really good memories for me. “Go With the Flow” is always a song that gets my heart pumping, makes me feel like a badass, and puts me in a better mood, which is why I have picked it for song of the week.



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