Metric – “Synthetica”

220px-Metric-syntheticaI first found out about Metric in 2010 when I saw the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (my favorite movie) and a cover of their song “Black Sheep” was done in one of the scenes where Scott meets both his ex-girfriend (singer of the fake band The Clash at Demonhead) and one of Ramona’s seven evil exes, Todd Ingram (bassist of the fake band The Clash at Demonhead).  I loved the song “Black Sheep” and found out it was a song by Metric, who I also recognized as the band who sung the punk pop song “Help, I’m Alive.” I heard their new song, “Synthetica”, and fell in love with it. I went an bought their newest album, Synthetica, which came out in 2012, and marveled at its fluidity and hard rock/ punk attitude. Emily Haines’ rough, almost scratchy voice is perfection, and the music compliments her so well. This acoustic version is my favorite version of the song, however. It takes away some of the harshness that some listeners have communicated.



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