Miike Snow – “Silvia” (Song of the Week 2/6/2014)

Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Fox and the Sound will have a song that exemplifies what is right with music today.

Miike-Snow-Cover-HiResOn this extremely cold and snowy Thursday, I have decided to stay safely tucked inside the warm, inviting electronic genre and pick a song that is possibly one of my favorite songs in the entire world. A statement like that does not come easy for me. I honestly cannot pick a favorite song, but I do have songs that are way up there. This is one of them. I heard Miike Snow’s (A swedish indie pop/electronic duo made up of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg) incredible song “Silvia” during a particularly grueling chemistry study session when I was a freshman in high school. After a mesmerizing piano intro slides smoothly into singer Andrew Wyatt’s perfectly synthesized voice, he begins to sing lyrics that are meaningful and artistically written (reach the city steps tonight/following the power lines/met a man bar side/with eclipses for eyes). This song always makes me both happy and sad when I listen to it, a quality that I believe the best songs have. This song is from their debut album Miike Snow, an album that I believe has few imperfections. I honestly couldn’t find a song I didn’t like. They recently came out with a new album, Happy to You, which is amazing as well. Silvia will forever be a song that I listen to on days like this (well any day, really), where it’s cold and barren, and you begin to think a little clearer and a little deeper than usual. This is why I have picked it for song of the week. 



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