The Genius of La Blogotheque

One of my favorite music channels on YouTube is one called La Blogotheque. Basically, they take somewhat “hidden” and popular indie bands (ex. Of Monsters and Men, Local Natives, Alt- J, etc.) and do something called “Take Away Shows.” These shows contain songs from these bands that are stripped down and thus given a raw, pure sound that is completely separate from their condensed, recorded studio versions. I’ve seen some shot in the gorgeous streets of Paris, smack dab in the middle of the empty gardens of Le Chateau de Versailles, in crowded cafes and restaurants, and in gardens and parks. The sound of the instruments and the singer’s voices bounce off brick walls in alleyways and vibrate through busy streets. What remains is the true, perfect sound of these bands and how music is meant to be heard. You get to see the passion in these musicians eyes and it’s as if you feel what they are feeling in these five minutes of bliss. I am so thankful for La Blogotheque and their amazing acoustic sessions. Not only have they increased my love for the bands that I have already heard of, but they also let me discover new artists and bands that have changed my life, and have inspired me to continue with my songwriting and playing. Please go subscribe to their channel and check out their website: (The site is in French, so just go to the English version after going to the home page)

Below I have posted my  favorite La Blogotheque videos for your convenience.









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